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NCAA Commission on College Basketball Reccomendations

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  • NCAA Commission on College Basketball Reccomendations

    The NCAA will be live streaming the Commission's recommendations on their Twitter page Wednesday, April 25th at 8am et

    For all of you early birds, the NCAA Commission on College Basketball will share it's recommendations on how to "fix" college basketball and make for a better recruiting process for college basketball student-athletes. The Commission was established in response to the federal investigation into corruption in college basketball. It is expected that the recommendations will be voted on by the NCAA executive board in August.

    Some recommendations that are rumored to be announces are; changing the one and done rule, shortening the recruiting period, and create a special task force to watch over elite prospects. Should be interesting to hear what Condoleezza Rice and her team recommend.
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        And overview of what was recommended.

        On-and-done RuleRule Enforcement and Penalties.
        • The commission recommended harsher penalties for rule-breakers and that the NCAA outsource the investigation and adjudication of the most serious infractions cases. Level I violations would be punishable with up to a five-year postseason ban and the forfeiture of all postseason revenue for the time of the ban. That could be worth tens of millions to major conference schools
        • The commission proposed the NCAA create a program for certifying agents, and make them accessible to players from high school through their college careers.
        AAU and Summer Leagues
        • The NCAA, with support from the NBA and USA Basketball, should run its own recruiting events for prospects during the summer, the commission said, and take a more serious approach to certifying events it does not control.
        • The NCAA should require greater transparency of the finances of what it called non-scholastic basketball events and ban its coaches from attending those that do not comply with more stringent vetting, the report said. Such a ban could wipe out AAU events that have flourished in showcasing future talent.
        Apparel Companies
        • The commission also called for greater financial transparency from shoe and apparel companies such as Nike, Under Armour and Adidas. These companies have extensive financial relationships with colleges and coaches worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and Adidas had two former executives charged by federal prosecutors in New York in the corruption case.
        • To that end, the commission said university presidents should be required to "certify annually that they have conducted due diligence and that their athletic programs comply with NCAA rules."


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          I like it thus long as they don't retroactively enforce the postseason ban on the schools that were recently "caught"...which COULD be every D-1 school in college basketball.

 do you regulate money that is funneled into professional Agents. I don't mind the idea of kids being represented out of high school...but it would be almost impossible to track whether their agents are receiving money to commit to specific schools...which defeats the entire purpose of the current FBI investigation.


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            I was listening to some talking heads today, the thing the commission led with, the 1 and Done rule, the NCAA has no control over. The other point they brought up was involving Team USA basketball in the AAU process somewhat, Team USA Basketball is a HUGE Nike vehicle. So that goes against their stance against the shoe companies, or just preference towards Nike.

            They also were commenting on the fact that the people on the commission are out of touch with how the whole recruiting process works these days. Condoleeza Rice, may be super smart, has no relation to anything basketball or recruiting wise. David Robinson and Grant Hill know basketball, but there was no AAU like its current form back when they were going through it.

            Just some good points people brought up against the study, granted some of it will likely be implemented. Most likely not all of it.

            Source: Former NBA player Tracy Murray on the local night commute sports program.


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              Nigel Hayes is a moron...and claims that he has “nothing to show for” after obtaining a degree from Wisconsin and a roster spot on the Kings.


              Arizona (the 6th most profitable basketball program in the nation) is part of an athletic program that lost approximately $2,000,000 in 2015-16. Wazzu made $58M in revenue...but lost $13M!

              dont tell me that these kids should be paid. They are treated like Kings on campus, somebody holds their hand as they obtain a FREE degree (which can be utilized as a backup plan for those 98% of student athletes that don’t become professional) and they get free weight/health training that can prepare them for the pros.

              If guys like Hayes want to jump straight to the pros from high school...let them go. If they want to appreciate their free degree...good.

              The NBA needs to get off their ass and end the One and Done Rule today...


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                Let them boycott. I'm sure there are plenty of students who would play sports for the university and accept the scholarship as payment.

                The thing they keep forgetting is that college sports are popular because colleges have built in sources of fans, be it current students, past students, or merely people who live (or lived) near the university. Most of those fans would still be interested in their college sports even if the talent level was a bit lower.


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                  Agreed. If we had the talent level of any Big East school (DePaul excluded)...I'd still watch Arizona religiously.

                  I'm really hoping they develop a solid "minor league" system that allows kids to get paid out of high school. Too many Derrick Rose (or Marvin Bagley) types jumped in and out of college basketball with the intent to never attend class (I'm shocked that both kids even made it through High School).


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                    Looks like the One and Done Rule is going bye-bye.


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                      "In essence, the college community is saying we don't want those players anymore".

                      No ****. It isn't "anymore"...the college community never wanted the headaches of Derrick Rose & other kids that have no desire to play college basketball...and that don't have the IQ to legitimately qualify at a D-1 University.

                      Can't wait to see players that WANT to be developed at the collegiate level. This is a huge sigh of relief.