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Khalil Tate set to bounce back

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  • Khalil Tate set to bounce back

    Interesting about his injuries and such...
    After landing an SI cover in preseason, Khalil Tate's 2018 didn't go as planned. The QB who spent the year toughing through injury reflects on the past while looking to the future.

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    “I could have sat out and not played, but that wouldn’t have really helped my brand..." -Khalil Tate

    Arizona football went 5-7 last season.
    Go STRONG to the mouth


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      I get why he's concerned about his "brand", insofar as how he's viewed (whether that perspective is accurate or now). He didn't want to be labeled a quitter, and yet his pushing through injuries certainly did not help his stock at all because his performance suffered.


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        Yup. Not sure how significant the injury was...but it was pretty obvious that he played through a lot of paint last year.

        I give him credit for trying to push through it & hope that the Cats bounce back with a roster that can FINALLY stay healthy.