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    Arizona is all in on Beauchamp right now and if it isn’t the leader, it’s right there. We would expect Beauchamp to finalize an official visit once his scheduler becomes more clear, but he is a lock to take one to Tucson.

    “Beauchamp is a long wing who fits the physical profile of many recent players at his position who have come through Seattle,” Gershon writes. “He's got good size, very long arms and is extremely physically immature, with plenty of room to gain strength in time.

    “Beauchamp is best as a slashing scorer, who has a midrange jumper and floater that he scores at an efficient rate. He's also good at getting to the rim and drawing fouls, although he'll need to get stronger before he finishes with contact at a high level. He'll need to improve from the perimeter, but his stroke is far from broken.

    “Not just a scorer, Beauchamp has plus vision and does a nice job creating for teammates. His physical attributes give him upside as a rebounder and defender.

    “Beauchamp is easily one of the top handful of longterm prospects on the west in 2020.”


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      We’ve highlighted Christopher in the past and Arizona is on him, but this one won’t be easy. Still, he’s worth the effort because he’s that good of a prospect and the best at his position in the west.

      “Christopher is an athletic wing with good size, long arms, a terrific frame with wide shoulders and a combination of physical tools and skill that make him an easy high major prospect,” Gershon writes.

      “Christopher has made great strides over his high school career, as his skill set has quickly caught up to his athleticism. He's a much improved shooter who has range to three and can hit pull-up midrange jumpers.

      “Where Christopher is best is off the bounce due to his explosive athleticism and body control. He's extremely efficient in transition, while his quick first step and ability to finish with contact make him a difficult player to guard off the bounce in the half court as well.

      “While Christopher has plenty of room to gain strength, he has a naturally strong frame and ultimately should be a big, physical guard.”


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        Williams is clearly Arizona’s top priority at small forward and a player that will likely take an official visit at some point. As of now, Stanford and North Carolina seem to be the biggest competition.

        “Williams is a long and versatile wing who has a combination of high floor and high ceiling,” Gershon writes.

        “Even though Williams still has plenty of room to gain strength, he's a very good shooter given his size and length. He can hit threes, midrange pull-ups and has a very good floater.

        “Not just a shooter, Williams has the handle and first step to take opponents off the dribble and finish at the rim, although he's more of a catch and shoot or one and two dribble pull-up guy right now when he is at his best.

        “As Williams has grown into his body and added strength, his athleticism has continued to improve. There is every reason to believe that he is still very early into his developmental curve.”


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          Arizona would wind up getting a little bit more involved than it has for Cottrell, who is one of the better power forwards in the west in his class.

          Washington is the likely leader right now along with West Virginia and Rutgers, but he does not seem to be in any rush.

          “Cottrell is an athletic and skilled four man who has a combination of high floor and high upside,” Gershon writes.

          “He has good size for the position, pretty long arms and is a plus athlete. He has relatively wide shoulders and a frame that will be able to put on plenty of strength in time.

          “While Cottrell gets his share of points in transition or on the glass due to his physical tools, he can also step out and shoot or play with his back to the basket, where he has hook shots with both hands.

          “Cottrell uses his size and athleticism on the defensive end, where he's a plus shot blocker and rebounder.”


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            The point guard class is weak in 2020, so it would not be a shock to see Arizona go for a transfer if Mannion and/or Williams leaves after next season unless the coaching staff can land Nix or another target emerges.

            “Nix is a consistently improving point guard with good size who looks like he's still growing,” 247Sports National Recruiting Analyst Josh Gershon writes.

            “His frame was much thicker as an underclassman and he's leaned out overt the las year. Still, he's more point guard quick than naturally athletic.

            “Nix does a nice job balancing creating and scoring. He has a smooth stroke with range to three - albeit it's still an area for him to improve at - but also can put the ball on the ground and use his vision and high basketball IQ to make plays for others.

            “In general, Nix' vision is what he hangs his hat on. He's an outstanding passer and one of the best facilitators in the 2020 class. He also has plus toughness and is a strong on the ball defender.

            “It's been a good year in Nix' development and he's now one of the top point guards nationally in 2020


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              Arizona has not done a lot with Harris because sources indicate that at one time he was telling people he was going to play football. However, those same sources now say that he is backing off that a bit because he continues to grow and that could ultimately make it difficult for him to play football. If that is the case, we would expect Arizona’s basketball program to reach out more than it has.

              “Harris is also an elite football prospect, making him one of the most talented athletes in high school, regardless of sport,” Gershon writes. “He has a big time frame with wide shoulders, long arms and is a high level athlete who plays with a level 10 motor.

              “Harris uses his handle, footwork and toughness to take opponents off the dribble and finish around the basket, or he can easily post up and finish around the rim.

              “Due to his physical tools and motor, Harris is an outstanding rebounder and man defender. He can play both the four and five on both sides of the court due to his physical tools.”


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                As of now, this is a weak position and it would not be a surprise to see Arizona go elsewhere for a center. With that being said, it has been recruiting Jackson a bit and he is one of the better players at his position in the west.

                “Jackson is a quickly improving center with a very high upside,” Gershon writes. “He has good size and length, is a better athlete than he should be considering he's still growing after a three-inch growth spurt over the last year, and has a very good feel.

                “A player who is on the very young side of the 2020 class, Jackson is much further than should be expected at this stage and he's an impact player on both ends of the court.

                “On offense, Jackson has the ability to score with his jumper, can take bigger defenders off the dribble and has developing post moves to go with plus hands and feet.

                “He has very good timing as a shot blocker and rebounder, while he also has impressive fundamentals defensively considering his age. Jackson is a good but not great athlete, although it's way too early to know what kind of athleticism he'll have once he matures.”


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                  Martinez is more prospect than player right now, but Arizona has seen him play and at such a weak position in the west, it makes sense to keep track of him.

                  “Martinez is a young post with good size, long arms and a high upside at this stage,” Gershon writes.

                  “He's on the younger side of the class and looks as if he's still growing, which would help cement his stock as a high major prospect.

                  “Regardless, Martinez has a smooth stroke and is a plus shooter for the position. He's also a terrific passer who can find cutters from the perimeter, kick out of a double or grab defensive boards and quickly outlet.

                  “Martinez is still growing into his body so it's too early to know what kind of athlete he'll ultimately be. As of now, he has decent mobility but moves like a kid who hasn't hit his final height. How athletic he ultimately is will have a big say in his upside defensively.

                  “It's early in Martinez' development but he's a good center prospect who should be recruited at the high major level as of now.”


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                      Julian Strawther is no longer considering Arizona. Here is his top 10


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                        Arizona offered Tarren Frank. More info in the Original Post

                        Click image for larger version

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                          Jemarl Baker is a traditional transfer who will sit next year and be eligible the following year. Arizona bound


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                            Jalen Johnson will be cutting his list soon and Arizona won't be on it. Jalen is going to duke
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                              In this tweet Jalen shows Arizona as one of his final four.

                              Originally posted by Zona Nation View Post
                              Jalen Johnson will be cutting his list soon and Arizona won't be on it. Jalen is going to Kentucky


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                                Originally posted by LJTucson View Post
                                In this tweet Jalen shows Arizona as one of his final four.

                                Arizona honestly wasn't supposed to make his cut. It doesn't matter that we're in his top four because he's going to Duke and Arizona has backed off.
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                                  Originally posted by Zona Nation View Post
                                  Jemarl Baker is a traditional transfer who will sit next year and be eligible the following year. Arizona bound
                                  Welcome to the family


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                                    Donovan Johnson,