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  • Barcello/Doutrive

    Barcello announces he's transferring while Doutrive announces he's not. Boy what a roller coaster off season. I have no clue when this roster will ever be set lol.

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    Polar opposites. Every chance Devonaire got he took advantage of, meanwhile Alex was given countless opportunities and rarely delivered. I wish it would've worked out better for him here, but good luck to him wherever he lands. I think he could be effective at a lower level of play, he needs to get his confidence back.


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      Fantastic news! Keeps me on my toes trying to keep up though haha.


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        I wish Barcello could have been more consistent from 3 point range.

        He is a a local kid that played hard on both sides of the ball.

        Hoping he succeeds elsewhere.

        I’d like to see Doutrive eat into Dylan Smith’s minutes. He another athletic hustler that has a bright future in college basketball.

        Perhaps the next roster update update will be a 2020 commitment. I’m sick of seeing the revolving door with existing players.


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          Glad to have Doutrive back. Love his energy and nose for the ball. He won us a game last yr with his hustle put back play vs Oregon St - and wins were hard to come by.

          Hope he sticks this time and doesn't change his mind again.


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            I'm already looking forward to grad transfer Alex Barcellololol news in a couple of years!
            Go STRONG to the mouth